YFRONTS Australia

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YFRONTS is a peer-to-peer community mobilisation and stigma reduction strategy. The YFRONTS mobile application (and supporting social media platforms) will be built ‘by men for men’ in the Pilbara-Kimberley region. YFRONTS is about connecting men in remote areas who work FIFO/DIDO with other men in similar circumstances, and enhancing their conversations about mental wellbeing and experiences with stigma in a male driven, interactive and non-confronting manner.


This co-design approach will lead to functionality, discussions and targeted mental wellbeing messaging more applicable and palatable to the audience. The project seeks to test if the activity-based interactions through the YFRONTS app will promote ongoing engagement within the virtual community and thereby providing greater opportunities to push mental wellbeing literacy and stigma reduction.

Activity-based interaction and participation is key, as this will keep men engaging. This will be achieved through incentivising participation and network growth (similar to a frequent flyer or customer loyalty program with discounts and other member offers), competitions and providing content and discussions by ‘real men’ on depression and stigma, which are relevant and engaging for the audience. As a safety mechanism, the YFRONTS app will provide links to additional resources, peer networks and referral pathways for those seeking assistance for themselves,a mate, or a family member.

logo  mof032-movember-foundation-logo-brown


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